Why do you need to have a marketing plan?
Since primitive man first traded fire for fancy rocks, we have had marketers. It’s also until recently been a disrespected art; companies persuaded people they needed something; you’re hungry eat this? Or you stink mate rub this on your smelly body.

But since the invention of the internet and social media marketing has exploded. Where previously marketing was about shouting at people who were hungry and smelly, now it’s about building a relationship with them.

You need people to like your company or product, to talk to you, play with you and tell all their friends about you.

Building relationships may sound tricky, but at the end of the day, there are some pretty big pluses Great marketing enables you to build the stable s connection s you need to not only make trust with your customers. To establish yourself as an expert and authority in your market whatever market might be is vital, in a world where you may never get to see your potential customer. Whether they’re on a continent or just down the street marketing is the best weapon in your arsenal. But without a solid strategy for marketing, you can’t do any marketing efficiently.

Even if you’re not running a vast globe-spanning company selling relationships, you still have to play by the same rules. And unfortunately, it gets a lot harder if you’re trying to sell something useful like houses or cars or just pumping out septic tanks to a smaller market. Maybe even as little as your city or neighbourhood. But you still need to have that same relationship you still need people to like you and talk to you; even if you’ve turned up with a 5000-gallon tank to pump out their septic tank. Above all else, you need that marketing strategy or else you’re nailing love letters to potential future customers on telephone poles and hoping they seem them.

A marketing plan offers you far more than just good relations although that is the cornerstone of a good marketing plan. It ensures you’re reaching out to your customer across multiple mediums to customers who want your product. There is, of course, no point in reaching out to septic enthusiasts who don’t have one that needs pumping and just like to collect photos of them on their Instagram account and discuss them with other septic tank enthusiasts. While at the same time measures your ROI on a consistent basis. Marketing relationships are one of the few ones where the analytics can tell you how your relationship is growing. A good marketing strategy will let you know if your plan is working. Sadly it’s easier to monitor the relationships in your business affairs than in your matters of the heart.

Because marketing is about managing a relationship; you need to be able to make your customers happy without them throwing their dinner at you and crying,

“You take me for granted! All you want to do is pump out my septic tank, and pay you for it!”

If that line turns up in your relationship, it may be very interesting or very troubled. But a marketing relationship is about being able to find people who need your service, attracting them and making sure that, that is a profitable and healthy relationship.

But with an effective marketing strategy, you’ll be best mates with your customers, and they’ll not only look forward to doing business with you, but they'll also tell all their friends what a lovely person you are and why they should do business with you. All of this without having to buy them flowers, talk about their feelings or spend more on ROI than you can afford.
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