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Running and office for your business used to be a simple affair.

Your needed a few pot plants, some typewriters a few secretaries to type on them and a CEO to keep everybody happy. Now you need to have all those things and a whole alphabet of different specialists to fulfill those roles. Including a CMO and if you're asking what a CMO is? Then the chances are you need one faster than you need a newly potted plant.

What's a CMO?

A CMO is a Chief Marketing Officer, a CMO is a senior executive responsible for marketing related activities.

The CMO is your first team captain of brand management, marketing communications such as and including advertising, promotions and public relations, market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service. As opposed to your CSO or Chief Strategy Officer who's the primary role is more related to finance and the other overall business plan.

The thing is marketing has changed an awful lot since the carefree days when you could merely once a year agree that your brand's slogan would be; "Cooper's meat pies are great kids, and old folks love them!"; with a picture of a happy baby and an old geezer sharing a meat pie without using their teeth. Before congratulating yourself and not having to worry about it for the test of the year.


Now marketing is about day by day strategies, even hour by hour, measuring analytics from social media to give a consistently changing picture of how your company should be strategising its marketing.

A CMO is a dedicated executive with their finger on both the pulse of the market and how your business is addressing it. Like a good doctor once they'e taken the patient's vitals they develop a quick strategy to keep them happy and thriving.

But how can you afford yet another executive member of staff and their team? Where would you put them? Baring in mind these days you're probably running a virtual office with a staff team based around the world.


That's where we come to help you out. With our CMO on-demand service, we have a highly skilled CMO and their supporting team of researchers they can support multiple companies globally with their marketing management needs. Our CMO team can build preferences and drive demand.

At the same time; we can provide the best mobile and tablet which is great when you bear in mind so many companies tablet experience can feel more like a suppository. Our CMO experience is both clean and far more comfortable to administer with your eyes closed than that.

Our on-demand CMO service can ensure your company is always aware of what your customers and the market need, seemingly before they do. And we can provide a smoother mobile experience than an all over body wax. We are an essential part of your office furniture. But unlike the potted plants, you don't need to water us, and we're happy to talk to you.

CMO services because a winning marketing strategy is only a click away.

How our service works:



We will lead your discovery process to find and identify your market and message. Then convert that intelligence into a value proposition that resonates with your target audience.



Develop for you your strategic messaging which will generate your initial demand



We will then analyse the success of these initial messages and feedback the results to you.



We will plan your Customer Acquisition Cost and calculate your Customer Lifetime Value. Then we will use this data to help shorten your sales cycle with content marketing and other funnel optimisation strategies.



We will take all the work we have done with you on needs analysis, strategising and building your demand funnel. Then ensure you have a resilient blueprint that will help you keep growing into the future.


  • OPTION 1
    • ✓ 16 Hours
    • ✓ All Services
    • ✓ Meetings Management
    • ✓ Marketing Executions
    • ✓ Mentoring
    • ✓ Marketing Gaps
  • OPTION 2
    • ✓ 35 Hours
    • ✓ All Services
    • ✓ Peer Meetings & WIP
    • ✓ Marketing Budget
    • ✓ Project Management
    • ✓ Full Marketing Mix
  • OPTION 3
    • ✓ 55 Hours
    • ✓ All Services
    • ✓ Executive Team Role
    • ✓ Strategic Introductions
    • ✓ Full Marketing Mix
    • ✓ Marketing Executions

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Business Development Manager


Do you have extensive experience in marketing?
  Are you looking to use your experience to focus on getting new clients?
  If you do, we want to hear from you!


What we are looking for:

Reporting to the Managing Director, this role is focused on generating outbound leads, and
working on converting a large number of warm, inbound inquiries that already want to work with
us. You need to meet them, understand their needs, create and present a pitch to convert them
into a client.

The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • 1-2 years experience in marketing
  • Experience in an agency environment is a bonus
  • Experience using CRM is a bonus
  • Experience in Facebook advertising
  • Hunger to convert sales
  • Have pitched marketing services before
  • Passion for marketings
  • High level of energy
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • All other ad hoc administration in relation to your role
  • General support to the Managing Director including research and promotional activities

Compensation will be salary and commission.

If you tick all the boxes and want to apply for this position, please apply with a cover letter,
stating why you are the best candidate for the position and your resume. Applications should be
made out to Sanket Bhasin, the Managing Director.